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On Sunday I woke up from an early afternoon nap with a seasonal itch to bake cookies.

Now, at any given moment I carry around in my brain a list of recently acquired, exciting ingredients I want to use, and in my half-slumber I started to review them. Jumping to the forefront were the broken walnuts I'd gotten for a good price at the organic store -- if you're going to chop them, why buy whole kernels? -- and a handsome bag of grated chocolate from Alain Ducasse's bean-to-bar manufacture*, which I'd been sneaking a spoonful of here and there while trying to think of a more respectable use for it.

Chocolate walnut cookies; that's what I was going to make.

I wanted a simple, one-bowl cookie base that would get me from start to finish in under an hour, and I wanted something reasonably nutritious so I could share with my toddler without triggering a surprise inspection from the bad parent police. The recipe for these walnut and date cookies, which I've been making regularly for the past three years, fit the bill perfectly.
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- Chocolate Walnut Cookies

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 Pork ribs soup to fit the role of calcium Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 




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 Let your solution greedy and beauty health Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

OL kept at hand these snacks to get you solution greedy and beauty health

The spring weather changes quickly, appear easily aphthae, nasal and skin dry, sore throat, cough and other phenomena corporate premium, thus Ziyin Runzao become the key selection of snacks! Good drawer snacks can let you in the solution greedy while the beauty regimen it by Hold live, eat two, why not eat?

1 loquat fruit candy

Spring is the high incidence of disease of respiratory system, become the key of Yangyin Qingfei loquat nourishing, also known as " Lu orange ", " pill", " compendium of Materia Medica " contains: loquat " thirst under the gas, Lee lung, antiemetic inverse and thirsty sputum ". Description of loquat itself can moistening lung nourishing qi, phlegm, cough, and loquat fruit sugar added perilla, honeysuckle and other clear fire lungs medicine, moistens the lungs.

Health index:★ ★★ ★ ☆

Recommended origin: Fujian

Health tips: loquat sugar high, diabetic patients eat loquat.

2 wild blueberry dry

Mention of blueberry, we enjoy great popularity among the people is it bright purpose effect, that is because blueberries contain a pterostilbene natural compounds, are good antioxidants, but in addition there is super fruit of blueberry, not only high zinc, calcium, high-speed rail, high copper is also rich in vitamin advertising premium, in immunity fall season, can be very good to enhance our own body function!

Health index:★ ★★ ★ ☆

Recommended origin: Heilongjiang

Health tips: fresh blueberries have laxative effect, do not eat diarrhea.

3 turtle jelly candy

The paste can Ziyin Bushen, moistening skin, is a long history of traditional medicine, according to legend the first is the secondary school for the emperor edible valuable drugs, mainly rare olecranon turtle and tuckahoe as raw material, adding to drugs such as refining, turtle shell contains various amino acids, which in seven as the body can not be made but the essential amino acids, the essential amino acids to total amino acids percentage is very high, its mild, not cold not dry, ages, Ziyin Bushen promotional premium, eliminate acne, regulate viscera, heat-clearing and detoxifying, prevent skin aging and constipation, can promote metabolism, enhance human immunity.

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 Weight loss is not thin 4 big reasons Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 









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 Let us listen to Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

I read psychology doctoral course time bathroom storage, writing assignments, one is the study of " listen ". I want to start, this is not easy, we have two ears, if not a congenitally deaf can hear, to become an outlaw. In the middle of the night, sleep, eyes closed, the no switch, a moonset Wu Ti, he suddenly woke up, do not want to hear but not to do it. Furthermore, I do physicians for many years, every day countless times to listen to the patient dumping full of grievances, tympanic membrane are too often. So, listen to me should not.

Check the data, careful thought, I know a lot of difference. " Listen " in this subject, many people fail. If the conversation without our knowledge, we will be listened courteously but without sincerity. If the person talking tedious, we will not hesitate to interrupt the. If the person talking talk frivolously, we will clearly show tired look. If the conversation people lack high perspicacity, we'll sarcasm, embarrassed him ... ... All in all, I have countless times the ground played, has come to think of it, too.

The people of the earth, and mastered the art of listening to people, but wind hair rare.

Do not believe, we do an experiment.

You look for in a good friend, say to him or her, now I tell you from my heart, but you do not listen carefully. Can you look around, you can giggle and flirt, you can also listen to music to comb the hair dry everything you suddenly think of a thing, you can also evade the subject under discussion ... ... In short, what can you do, just don't listen to me.

When your friends decided to cooperate with you, the game can begin. You need to pick a tear hepatic fissure biliary pain thing, more emotions hotel school, must not be sloppy perfunctory.

Well, you say ... ...

I guess you can say how long, up to 3 minutes, can beat a retreat. In any case you can't go on. In the face of a to you. Your sorrow completely indifferent guy, you have no interest in an open mind. Not only you but also your silence, frustration and anger. Do you think the friend unworthy of your trust, unfriendly. You decide later and he gradually sparse gradually far, you even doubt know this person is it right? A mistake ... ...

You will say, don't listen to the speech of others, there will be serious consequences? I can tell you with responsibility, and so it is. There are a lot of us lost opportunities, there are a number of messages of a strange combination of circumstances, there are a lot of friends just miss the person or opportunity, even their lovers, the insulation causes, are we never learn to listen.

Well, the unpleasant games we'll do it here. Here, we make a pleasant activities.

Or you and your friend. This time, your friends are telling you the past imprint is engraved on my heart. Please you leaned forward, please look warm. You hold your breath with his eyes, you with his emotional ups and downs of surfing. If he is happy, you also responded with a smile. If he is sad, you will accompany the downcast eyes. If he tears, you softly handed towels. If he was a long time in silence, you and he came through ... ...

It's Fairy simple. When he had finished, the game is over. You can ask him, in that you listen to him, he felt nothing?

I guess, your friends will tell you, you gave him respect, gave him the love. Give his loneliness to comfort, to his hopeless to dawn. To his joy doubled, to his sorrow halved. You are the one of his best friends, he will remember and you spend unforgettable moments.

This is the magic of listening.

Listen to " tilt ' ' word, I thought is expressed as body diagonally forward, use body language to express love and attention. Look up the dictionary, actually otherwise. Or just make such understanding is not comprehensive enough. Listen, is " exhausting to listen to ". Here the " tilt " word, similar to turn out in full strength Logistics Warehouse, similar to make a thorough search, similar to the empress dowager, similar to downpour ... ... Rack one's brains in no reservations.

May have exaggerated and overcorrect, but the importance of listening I thought must be referred to a height to know, this is one of the important sign of mental health. People living in the world, speaking and listening are two priority. Said, mainly express their thoughts and feelings and consciousness, each said people want others to hear their own voice. Listen, is receiving others describe the inner thoughts, in order to achieve the purpose of communication. Listening and speaking is like the two wings of ROC, must be coordinated, can go up in.

The rapid development of modern life, the person's life, not curled up in a small village or town, but gallop across the sea. Contact with the people, is no longer Jishiyibai, probably tens of thousands of. In a relatively brief period of time, to let others understand you, let you understand others, and in two a collision between the mind, it becomes the soul of art.

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 For the Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


從小時候看到月蝕被人們稱為"天狗吃月亮"然後敲鑼打鼓把"天狗"嚇跑把月亮姑娘救出來,到如今依然有部分農村里的人擺著供桌燒香、上供,其中都包含了人們在無知情況的Claire Hsu迷信。在中國,宗教信仰是自由的,但以宗教信仰為名奪取他人性命則絕對禁止。近日網上對"萬能神教"的報導不在少數,讓人不禁對此種"神教"髮指。生活,生活,就是生下來、活下去,由於自己的不警醒而淪為他人玩弄的"棋子",任人擺佈或禍及家人與朋友,更是不可取的。

時間是治愈一切疾病的良藥,今天,時間到期了,關於你"世界末日"的預言都不攻自破了。於是,我更加明白了,無論是混跡江湖還是隱身市井,都不能人云亦云,而應該有自己的主見,自信而幸福地活下去,以良好的心態和嶄新的姿態擁抱明天的第一縷陽光,不是有那麼一句話嘛──貓頭鷹的叫聲擋不住太陽的new Harvard's car models光輝!

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