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On Sunday I woke up from an early afternoon nap with a seasonal itch to bake cookies.

Now, at any given moment I carry around in my brain a list of recently acquired, exciting ingredients I want to use, and in my half-slumber I started to review them. Jumping to the forefront were the broken walnuts I'd gotten for a good price at the organic store -- if you're going to chop them, why buy whole kernels? -- and a handsome bag of grated chocolate from Alain Ducasse's bean-to-bar manufacture*, which I'd been sneaking a spoonful of here and there while trying to think of a more respectable use for it.

Chocolate walnut cookies; that's what I was going to make.

I wanted a simple, one-bowl cookie base that would get me from start to finish in under an hour, and I wanted something reasonably nutritious so I could share with my toddler without triggering a surprise inspection from the bad parent police. The recipe for these walnut and date cookies, which I've been making regularly for the past three years, fit the bill perfectly.
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- Chocolate Walnut Cookies
- Chocolate Walnut Cookies

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- Christopher Bailey to cut all ties with Burberry
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